• Athlete On Fire

    The MIssion of Athlete On Fire is to inspire people to move in as many creative and resource driven platforms as possible. We only want to partner with brands and individuals that believe in this ideal. We are all about the lifestyle of the Athlete and we just happen to believe everyone is an Athlete.  There are many unique ways to activate with AOF and it's properties that we have listed and many more we would be happy to explore with you!  

  • A multiple platform resource for everyday runners taking the next step to Becoming Ultra. The project began following two runners being coached by two of the best coaches in the world. It has morphed into a podcast and soon, a membership site to teach runners how to take their running to the next level as an Ultra Runner. Pro Ultra runners and coaches contribute regularly.

  • Creative services

    we create for you with health, fitness, sport, and adventure in mind.

    Web Examples

    Of course...

    Big images and bigger stories. When we started this project in 2013 we knew we wanted clean, inspiring design. See for yourself.

    A site for first time ultra runners

    There is so much content to cover for first time ultra runners that we wanted to be able to showcase as much as we could without feeling cluttered.

    Fitness and adventure for women!

    A simple blog format with options to create an event calendar, a store, and training resources.

    Personal training brand.

    Individual fitness brands are looking for a way to stand out in a crazy competitive market!

  • Let's move people together

    Thanks for taking the tour. We really are just scratching the surface here. We are a small yet flexible group that would love to learn more about you and your mission as a brand or individual. We have specific options for some of the initiatives like the Becoming Ultra Project and are flexible with others. We would like nothing more than to hop on a video or conference call, if you aren't in Colorado, and get to know you better! If you would like specific pricing for certain projects, let us know.




    Scott Jones